Sèvres plate from a set ordered by William Beckford with “parasol chinois” decoration, 1792


Assiette bord uni


Ø 24.3 cm


Interlaced Ls, date-letter pp for 1792, painter’s mark LB for Jean-Nicolas Le Bel, gilder’s mark 2000 for Henry-François Vincent


Border with outer yellow band with parasol design, inner band of cornflowers and red flower garlands. In the centre, a blue circle with gilt pearls enclosing a bouquet of flowers.


From a set of 120 plates purchased from Sèvres by William Beckford in 1792. The decoration was described as “parasol Chinois, arabesques”. They were produced and sold in two batches in March (72, at 33 livres each) and November (48, at 39 livres each). Despite the difference in price, there is little to distinguish between the surviving examples.


As these plates were not part of a service (meaning that there were no other components of the same decoration), they are not listed by David Peters in the main text of his book, but can be found in the plates list in Vol.1, p. 222, and the artists’ list, Vol. 6, p. 1472. See also our article in the Beckford Journal, Vol. 2, Spring 1996, pp. 39-44.